(Formerly Dr.S.J.S. Paul Memorial College of Engineering & Technology)
Ramanathapuram Revenue Village,Puducherry-605 502

Campus Facilities


Physics Lab

The college has a well-equipped and spacious Physics Lab which can accommodate about 30 students at a time. It is well stocked with models, charts and other high quality instruments to inculcate practical knowledge among the students. All the equipments necessary to conduct the required experiments, which form the part of the curriculum are found in the Laboratory. Skilled teachers explain the procedure to students and students conduct the experiments. This 'learning by doing' aids in long-term retention of scientific facts.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory of the college cutting-edge laboratory facilities including Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.
It accommodates 30 students at a time and is sophisticated with well-equipped apparatus and sufficient chemicals which enables each student to get individual experience. Proper safety manual and instructions are given while experimenting with hazardous chemicals, solvents and solutions.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is fully equipped with 30 Multimedia Systems. It is also supported by uninterrupted power supply. Every student gets an opportunity to work with the computer, once a week.


The need for safe traveling of each student to college and back home is of very importance to us. For supervision and monitoring, a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey.


The Auditorium is a massive Hall which can accommodate the entire college during special programmes and celebrations is in progress.


The Library occupies a place of pride in the list of our infrastructure and stands as an asset to both the teachers and students. It can accommodate approximately 40 students at a time. Newspapers are provided to the students everyday to enhance their knowledge.

Play ground

Play areas are properly designed, maintained and supervised to be as safe as possible for the students.

Safety Features

The aim of the safety measures is to ensure that the safety of the students and the staff is maintained during an emergency. To ensure this Fire Extinguishers are provided on each floor and laboratories are well maintained and safety norms are followed.


The stationery stall in our college has all the necessary stationery items. Students are able to buy things they urgently need, within the college campus.


The canteen is a culinary treat to our students. Healthy food and drinks are available here. Students enjoy their walks to the canteen and are often found relaxing and enjoying a snack or a chilled drink.