(Formerly Dr.S.J.S. Paul Memorial College of Engineering & Technology)
Ramanathapuram Revenue Village,Puducherry-605 502


The Sam Paul- Centre for Alternative Renewable Energy sources (SP-CARES) has been formed with an objective of imparting knowledge of alternative renewable fuel sources and non -pollution technologies among the students. The centre was inaugurated on 27th February 2014 by Mr. M. Dwaraknath, Director/Member secretary of Directorate of Science, Environment and Technology (DSTE), Puducherry. The students are being encouraged to develop eco-friendly projects under the guidance of the centre head Dr. P.K.Pratapchandran

The centre developing eco-friendly projects by the resources available in the community,keeping the green environment always as a priority. The centre also organizes awareness programs for students and for the community on clean environment and energy extraction from waste materials. The centre has developed several projects in energy recovery from waste materials, vermin composting, energy auditing, biomass, solar energy and wind energy.

Projects Developed / Underway

Workshops and conferences are being regularly organized to impart knowledge of pollution free environment for all the stake holders.

Research projects are also undertaken. A research paper on "Energy recovery by Co-digestion of diary effluent and organic fraction of Municipal solid waste (OFMSW)" is being presented at SARDINIA-2015, The XVth International landfill and waste management symposium to be held in Europe by October 2015.

The University of Florida has agreed to collaborate with the centre for a project on recovery of energy from combined MSW and dairy effluent.

    • Characterization of municipal solid wastes from the Puducherry urban region
    • Pre-treatment for enhanced energy recovery from organic fraction of municipal solid wastes
    • Biogas generation through codigestion / kitchen wastes / animal wastes / liquid effluents
    • Energy auditing of industries / institutions
    • Vermi composting studies for conversion of domestic wastes
    • Biomass stove with heat recover
    • Total solar energy alternative for domestic application
    • Design of domestic compositing kit for kitchen waste
    • Controlled heating, lighting and ventilation for agri / horticulture