(Formerly Dr.S.J.S. Paul Memorial College of Engineering & Technology)
Ramanathapuram Revenue Village,Puducherry-605 502


Sam Paul Literary and Debating Society (SP-LADS) has been inaugurated on the campus in the year 2012. The objective of this society is to prepare the students to face any formal oral communicative situation with focus and confidence. Elocution Contests, Debates, Group Discussions, Presentations are organized to enhance the oral skills of engineering students. SP-LADS enriches the students technical knowledge with sound communication skills. Efforts are taken by SP-LADS to enhance the oral and written English language proficiency which will raise their standards. SP-LADS imparts its training through verbal, soft skills and aptitude classes for II, III and IV years through easy pedagogy. For pre-final year students, General proficiency classes are organized to improve the oral skills of students, lose stage fear and become confident in public speaking. The need of the hour for budding engineers is to prepare them to be industry ready and on how to succeed in any field of technology, business and research through their oral skills. Guest lectures, seminars and various training programmes conducted in this regard will prepare the students to face job interviews and also present their projects effectively. In course of time SP-LADS envisions these upcoming engineers to excel in their communication skills and gain accomplishments in their careers.