(Formerly Dr.S.J.S. Paul Memorial College of Engineering & Technology)
Ramanathapuram Revenue Village,Puducherry-605 502


Building Technology and Information Centre (BTIC) develops building materials and methodologies, which can reduce the construction costs using Nationally Acknowledged Modern Technologies and scientifically established methods.

BTIC offers a wide range of specialized consulting services to its clients. These services are provided within our areas of expertise. By focusing our team's experience, education, and training in selected areas of building construction, we involve in Research activities at a level of expertise that helps our clients resolve seemingly hopeless problems.

Objectives of Building Technology Centre

To carry out applied and basic research in all areas of building science to solve problems confronting the country in:

    • Surveying, Shelter planning, Building materials, Structures & Foundations.
    • Quality checking of water samples.
    • To involve in Research activities on Disaster Resistant Buildings.
    • To conduct short term courses, seminars, symposium periodically etc. to transfer the latest technology and knowledge to practicing engineers.
    • Promote research in housing and use of local building materials and innovative construction techniques towards designing of rural and urban housing.
    • To transfer the developed technologies to the industry for further commercialization in the field of Low cost Housing for EWS.


      • The Centre is conducting training programme for Students
      • The Centre is conducting training programme for Civil Engineers, Skilled and Unskilled Laborers
      • The Centre is involved in Consultancy and construction activities.
      • The centre is also extending facilities for research students.
      • It is proposed to conduct a workshop on building materials like cement, fly ash, GGBFS, admixtures etc to promote the technological aspects to people in supervisor grade periodically in future.


The Centre (BTIC) is strengthened with following Laboratories

      • Material Testing Laboratory
      • Concrete Laboratory
      • Geotechnical Laboratory
      • Highway and Transportation Laboratory
      • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
      • Surveying Laboratory
      • Computer Aided Design and Drawing Laboratory