(Formerly Dr.S.J.S. Paul Memorial College of Engineering & Technology)
Ramanathapuram Revenue Village,Puducherry-605 502

Helping Drops

"Little Drops of water make a mighty ocean" says a proverb. With this proverb as a base, a new scheme called SP-Helping Drops was introduced in this college during August 2014 by the Director Dr.A.Ravichandran of this college. SP-Helping Drops is a beneficiary scheme that has been started in the name of the Chairman and Managing Director of this College Dr.Sam Paul. The aim of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to academically bright but economically needy students of this college. According to this scheme, all the faculties and students of this college contribute one rupee per day throughout the year. One rupee donation for a day is not a huge expenditure for an individual, but the total amount collected through this scheme at the end of an academic year is remarkable. From the total amount, students selected based on the criteria described above are given an amount of Rs.25000/- as scholarship. The college proposes to help 25 needy students in the years to come. In this regard, a function was held on 16.05.15 and as an initiative, 10 students were provided with a cheque of Rs.25000 each in the presence of the Director Dr.A.Ravichandran and the Principal Dr.P.K.Pratap Chandran.